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Streamlining Marketing Campaigns: Workfront + Adobe Experience Manager


Managing world-class marketing campaigns can be challenging and complex. However, the integration of Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager offers a streamlined approach to orchestrate campaigns effectively.

Seamless Management and Tracking

Adobe Experience Manager, in collaboration with Workfront, provides seamless management and tracking of campaigns. The Manager connector plays a pivotal role in keeping campaigns on track, ensuring efficient progress.

Integrated Approvals and Content Delivery

The integration of approvals and content delivery from Workfront to Adobe Experience Manager facilitates a cohesive and efficient process. It enables integrated approvals for seamless content delivery, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Managing Metadata and Workflow

With the integration, managing metadata in Adobe Experience Manager is simplified, streamlining workflow and enhancing collaboration between teams. This integration ensures effective management of content metadata for better organization and retrieval.

Project Organization and Branding Alignment

Utilizing Workfront for managing projects and Adobe Experience Manager for final assets ensures organization and branding alignment. This collaboration leads to enhanced efficiency and consistency in campaign management.

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

The integration of Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager offers enhanced collaboration and productivity. With seamless workflow management, teams can work cohesively, leading to improved campaign execution and productivity.

Auto Publishing of Assets

The integration enables auto publishing of assets, ensuring that campaigns stay on track and deliver real results. This feature streamlines the content delivery process, enhancing the efficiency of campaign management.

Streamlined Workflows and Improved Collaboration

The integration between project management in Workfront and content management in Adobe Experience Manager streamlines workflows and improves collaboration. This leads to a more cohesive and efficient process for managing marketing campaigns.


In conclusion, the integration of Workfront and Adobe Experience Manager offers a comprehensive solution for streamlining the management of marketing campaigns, leading to enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and productivity.

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