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Data & Analytics


The fuel for any modern digital enterprise is data. There are trillions of Terabytes of data generated on a daily basis and hence enterprises who derive value by driving insights from  their historical and real time data can not only stay ahead of their competition but also drive excellent customer experience.

All digital platforms and applications can only be effective if it is able to offer value-added functionality and services based on the insight derived from historical and real-time data.


Most modern digital enterprises are now focussing on  : 

  • Providing an Experience Centric approach to all its customers, employees, stakeholders,etc

  • Making Platform Thinking approach institutionalized

  • Creating and managing a digital workforce

  • Creating an Integrated Operating Model


To ensure the growing needs of the digital enterprises are met, Tigerworld has created a dedicated Data & Analytics practice which connects businesses, digital platforms, customers, employees and partners, by the way of integration of data and seamless delivery of insights across the global digital ecosystem.


The dedicated Data & Analytics practice offers expert data consulting, implementation, and operational services that covers the complete “data to decision” value chain having detailed information and insights of customers lifecycle. 


In addition, we have certified data scientists and analytics experts from within the Data & Analytics practice. This data scientist and analytics experts team ensures that the full power of data & analytics is leveraged by the digital transformation blueprints that we design for our clients.


We have over 25+ satisfied customers that have appreciated us and are a testament to our data driven approach,which aligns enterprises needs and organizational vision to practical and tangible delivery of data and analytics solutions. 


Our expert data team is supported by a innovation model which empowers them to help clients:

  • Create an competitive advantage for the digital and data driven enterprises

  • Monetize from new services developed

  • Improve operational efficiencies by usage of historical and real time data

  • Help select the right digital platform and ensure realization of the full potential of digital platforms

  • Help enterprises achieve their data driven digital vision by using proven and structured execution methodology

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