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Gluu Security IDAM


Identity and Access Management Service Offerings:

Over the last few years, client stakeholders from leading enterprises have taken tremendous strides to  adopt a state of art secured identity and access management ( IDAM) solution.  Through our deep expertise in IDAM solution and as a cyber security consulting firm, Tigerworld’s strategy has been to partner with the best of breed Solutions/ Platform provider which provides simple to use yet cost effective to our clients. We help our customers stay on the cutting edge of Security Identity and Access management (IDAM) innovation. 

As an organization grows or any business entity or educational institute or university grows, it employs multiple stakeholders with different roles and it also grows in the number of its internal and external facing web as well as mobile applications. This unprecedented growth also attracts security challenges and it needs to be addressed to ensure proper authentication and access is given to the right roles in the organizations.

From the Identity and access management ( IDAM) perspective, these challenges can be broadly classified into:

  • Managing different user roles and workflows

  • Managing different identities on multiple applications

  • Preventing the misuse and sharing of password

  • Managing the ease of multiple application and multiple passwords 

We are a specialized service provider with the following leading Platform players in the industry:

Gluu Security - Identity & access management ( IDAM) Solution: Tigerworld has been working with multiple clients to help them on their Gluu project implementation and support. We have a dedicated Centre of Excellence ( CoE) with ready to deploy resources for any Gluu projects across the globe and across any verticals like Banking Financial Services (BFS), Insurance, Manufacturing, Communication & Media Entertainment, Travel & Logistics, CPG, Retail, Educational Institutes including Schools, Colleges and Universities,etc.

As part of any Gluu project and our expertise using Gluu Server, we see clients using the following Identity and Authentication services:

  • Single sign on & IDP: one identity for all applications, login once but access all applications, implement  latest authentic OAuth/ OpenId Connect/ SAML, Federated Authentication ( InCommon/ Shibboleth)

  • Multi factor authentication (MFA): Using SMS/Email for one time password OTP generation, Google Authenticator and Push Notification, Biometric Authentication

  • Adaptive authentication: Provide role based authentication, policy based authentication, diverse login detection, Biometric Authentication

  • User self registration: Easier user registrations based on organizational policy

  • User provisioning: provides policy based employee/stakeholders/students onboarding, help in approval based user account provisioning and easier user offboarding

  • Credential manager: Provides usable security, self-service authentication options, and helps in managing application access 

We have extensive experience of executing Gluu Security identity and access management ( IDAM) project and have done app Integrations with Microsoft Office 365, moodle, workday, zoom, SAP, Incommon,GSuite, Balckboard, schoology, faculty180 and many more.

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