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Mendix provides out of  box mobile centric widgets which helps developers to develop a mobile application at ease. The swipe widget allows usage of touch control so that you can interact with the mobile app. Similarly the “pull to refresh” widget allows instantly refreshing the developed application.

Mendix provides a state of art  intuitive feature which allows any developer to build a custom mobile user interface and preview it before publishing. The developer can quickly adjust UI to ensure a better mobile experience for its users. Watch the video for more details.

Build a Task Manager using Mendix Modeler 
The basic task manager application using Mendix Modeler helps to create an application that allows to create and list the tasks.  Some of the Web Modeler's basic functionality includes:
 - How to Create Pages
 - How to Adjust and Create Fields
 - Setting Up a Database
 - How to Adjust and Create a Button
 - Setting up Attributes
 - Creating Entities
 - Basic Layout Manipulation
 - Custom Forms

Web Modeler

Using a Web Modeler mendix specialist developers quickly build Mendix apps. It is simple and easy to to use platform which helps the developer to see what he develops.
The UI of the developed application consists of pages, which is created using page editor. The Mendix developer can access his built pages and the page editor using the toolbar and instantly preview the built pages on mobile, tablet, and desktop with the page editor. The mendix platform provides a wide variety of pre-styled page templates that helps in quickly building intuitive and user friendly apps.
Page templates are made up of building blocks which in turn, consists of multiple widgets. The Mendix developer can customize the building blocks by replacing or adding widgets like buttons, input fields, and images. The behavior of widgets can also be edited through their properties.

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