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Microsoft Azure Offerings


In today’s world enterprises understand that speed and flexibility are very important to keep their businesses at the top and win against competition. As a specialized partner for Microsoft Azure, we help run their enterprise applications in the cloud.

We offer end to end services when it comes to Microsoft Azure ranging from development of hybrid cloud-based solutions to analyzing cloud readiness of client’s systems’ to a complete migration of on-premise applications to Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Our offerings in the Microsoft Azure space includes redefining the application development landscape with shorter development cycles which reduces operational costs and increases transparency into clients core applications.

We have created a Azure specific Centre of Excellence which helps enterprises leverage the true potential of cloud and hence resulting in improving agility in business and increasing efficiency. We ensure our Azure expertise from the Centre of Excellence is leveraged during the migration or when you newly adopt Microsoft Azure, to make sure simplification of IT  infrastructure and applications management processes that can lead to a faster time to market.



Supported by highly experienced , trained and certified Microsoft Azure Professionals

Dedicated Centre of Excellence on Microsoft Azure which helps in realizing the real benefits of Microsoft Azure and optimize operational cost.

Best in class solution frameworks for cloud enablement and management along with unique cloud assessment framework providing assured results.

Microsoft Azure Managed Service Provider:

  • Tigerworld has deep Azure knowledge and end to end service capabilities of managing business applications on Azure

  • Deliver consistent, repeatable, mission critical managed services on Azure

  • Deep expertise in all aspects of cloud services, from managing migration of a data center to managing Cloud native applications, design, development, migration and support.

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