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Application Maintenance


In a world of technology , change is the only constant. Technology is transforming the way businesses are done and is reducing any barriers for new entrants. To stay relevant to the ever changing buying behaviors of its customers, enterprises are proactively embracing new technologies to ensure they are able to manage changing buyer expectations, align with new business models, launch smarter products, cater to mergers and acquisitions and improve customer experience across digital channels.


In this constantly evolving and dynamic environment, which is coupled with reduced IT budgets, CIOs of enterprises are being challenged to balance the demand to constantly monitor defects and at the same time ensure to reduce the efforts investment in applications management. More specifically, CIO and  the teams are constantly evaluating differentiated value driven  models and approaches to address critical aspects like :

  • Increase efficiency and improve value in application support operations while the changes in business processes are still happening 

  • Improve business process cycle time and adopt a service-oriented culture while delivering application support operations

  • Improve the business users experience

  • Reduce operating costs and reinvest the cost savings in self-funded IT transformation initiatives


As a IT Software Consulting Services specialist , Tigerworld’s Application Maintenance Support (AMS) services are delivered by a proven 3E Managed Services Model —Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Experience.


Efficiency - We focus on reduction in operational costs by continuously improving, innovating, and accelerating operational practices. We do this by leveraging lean and automation strategies and our focus is to drive incident reduction and proper root cause analysis to improve efficiency.


Effectiveness - We adopt the ‘UBERIZATION’ approach to deliver ‘ Business Process as a Service’. We ensure to orchestrate end-to-end business workflows through proactive monitoring  of business processes and assessment of failure points. We are continuously focused on delivering business process performance improvements and significant impact on the top line and bottom line.


Experience - Tigerworld Application support teams are continuously focused on creating impact by delivering personalized customer experience. This is always driven by data and insights which are tailored to each user personas. By continuously engaging with end users and by providing two-way feedback to business to ensure potential service improvements.

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