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Unlocking the Power of CJA Stitching: A Comprehensive Guide


Have you ever wondered how CJA Stitching can revolutionize your cross-channel analytics? Dive into this comprehensive guide to gain a deep understanding of this powerful process and its impact on person-based reporting and data enrichment.

Understanding CJA Stitching

CJA Stitching, also known as Event stitching or Cross-Channel Analytics, is a crucial process that enables organizations to accurately represent individuals across various channels and data sources. For instance, consider Cory, who engages with a brand through different devices and touchpoints. CJA Stitching plays a pivotal role in consolidating Cory's interactions into a cohesive and holistic perspective.

The Significance of Person-Based Reporting

Person-based reporting is essential for organizations to gain a comprehensive understanding of their audience. By leveraging CJA Stitching, businesses can commingle data from disparate channels, leading to a unified view of individual interactions. This approach ensures that data activation downstream is enriched with valuable insights, driving impactful decision-making.

The Mechanics of CJA Stitching

The core principle of CJA Stitching revolves around the use of a single field to identify an individual in each dataset. This ensures the presence of a consistent person identifier across joined data, resulting in accurate and reliable reporting. Leveraging known person IDs or device IDs, the stitching process ensures that every row contains the necessary person ID, leading to a comprehensive and cohesive dataset.

The Stitching Process in Action

A deeper dive into the stitching process reveals its multi-pass nature. Live Stitching replicates events into a stitched dataset in real-time as they enter the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). The creation of an Identity Map occurs when events encompass both a device ID and person ID. Subsequently, replay stitching, which occurs at regular intervals, impacts the reporting in the Analysis workspace, enhancing the fidelity and accuracy of the datasets.

Unveiling the Impact: Stitched vs. Unstitched Datasets

The comparison between unstitched and stitched datasets sheds light on the transformative impact of CJA Stitching. A visual representation illustrates a significant increase in email events from a mere 2.3% in the unstitched dataset to a substantial 38.4% in the stitched dataset. This surge in email events signifies a heightened connection with individuals, facilitating a holistic approach to analysis and activation.


In conclusion, CJA Stitching serves as a linchpin in person-based reporting, data enrichment, and unified cross-channel analytics. By harnessing the power of stitching, organizations can unlock deeper insights, foster meaningful connections, and elevate their decision-making processes. Embrace the potential of CJA Stitching to chart new frontiers in the realm of analytics and engagement.

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