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Cloud Offerings:

Enterprises are under tremendous pressure to optimize cost from their IT Infrastructure and move to a more agile Infrastructure which is not only cost effective but also helps them focus on their core businesses and at the same time leverage the On demand global IT resources which is scalable, flexible to their business needs. 

While enterprises are aware that the great part of their worry can be solved by migrating to the cloud but they always have the question - What can the Cloud do for them? It becomes difficult for enterprises to have one cohesive view of what cloud can do for them. Tigerworld cloud-native services have helped hundreds of enterprises to achieve a “cloud mind set” – which helps them in faster business growth, better resilience and faster innovation.

DAY (-1) : Assessment & Advisory Services : Cloud advisory services, assessment and roadmap development

DAY (0) : Design: Designing application architecture, providing cloud services, platform, security and pilots

DAY (1) : Beyond : Deploy , Automate & manage: Application development, migrate to cloud and modernize, implement cloud computing platform, SaaS services, AI-enabled automated operations, DevOps, Service orchestration


Six reasons why Fortune 1000 companies trust Tigerworld for Cloud Consulting services:


    A Experience of 50+ Cloud Consultants with 500+  person-years of experience


Deep knowledge base of applications based on past assessments and engagements


Time tested and proven cloud reference architectures for most major industries


Reference Architecture Libraries for applications and infrastructure


Automated Unified Assessment Tool


Strong governance to ensure collaboration between cloud assessment teams and cloud migration teams


  • Build Enterprise wide Cloud Strategy

  • Detailed cloud assessment for baseline across Infrastructure, Applications & Functions

  • Define target state and create roadmap

  • Create business case and provide Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis

  • Design technology architecture, recommend tool & cloud Platforms


  • Architect, design and build cloud Native application 

  • Design, integrate & build application runtime platform 

  • Migrate application to target cloud platform

  • Setup DevOPs & AGILE development environment, integrate toolset and provide continuous team support


  • Assess enterprise level application landscape 

  • Provide strategy consulting for SaaS and develop a new-adoption/or existing application migration roadmap 

  • Implement SaaS best practices with a Platform-specific and Vertical-specific competency approach

  • Provide full lifecycle SaaS migration, integration, implementation and support


  • Design, integrate and configure cloud Infrastructure as a Servuces (IaaS) ( both in a Hybrid as well as in  Multi-Cloud scenario) 

  • Design, build and integrate Infrastructure automation 

  • Provide ElasticOps for Zero Touch Cloud Platform operations which is delivered-as-a-service model

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